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We source impeccably-trained personal assistants, event assistants and road managers to public figures, worldwide.



The mission of Accessible LLC is to be the premier agency for personal assistants, event assistants, and road managers; established through the consistent and excellent execution of an administrative function on behalf of our clients. We want to set the bar so high that our clients wonder how they ever survived without us and decide that they never want to.


In order to excellently serve another, one must know oneself excellently. The knowledge of self is the most-powerful knowledge one can achieve in their lifetime.


We offer a wide array of services including but not limited to contracted personal assistance (short or long-term), event management, event assistance, road management services for professional touring artists, and more. All of our agents are trained using proprietary techniques developed by our founder and principal, Aaron Adams.

With over fifteen years of experience as a personal assistant and an event planner, Aaron has excellently served personal and professional brands spanning various industries; and having a particular passion for the entertainment industry, his work threads across a number of well-known brands including but not limited to award-winning rapper, speaker, and pastor Trip Lee, critically-acclaimed emcee and thought leader Sho Baraka, Record and Performing Rights Organization Executive Cappriccieo Scates, Broadway superstar Chester Gregory, background vocalist entrepreneur and author Rachel James, television networks including BET and MTV and many more. Aaron finds relentless joy and fulfillment particularly in serving those who share their art with the world.

Aaron is also available for workshops, panel discussions, and privately-contracted personal assistant training.




Our apprenticeship program seeks to identify administrators who are built for the Accessible style of service and trains them to execute administrative support functions in various professional spaces at the highest level.

Upon successful completion of the program, apprentices officially become agents who are given assignments that are generally based on their geographical location and their ability to travel on behalf of our clients. At the end of each assignment, agents are paid competitively for services rendered.



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